Leamington 290

Leamington 290 A.F. & A.M.

Lodge History

December 30, 1872, nineteen Charter members contributed $20.00 as an initiation fee to start Leamington Lodge. They carried on under dispensation until Grand Lodge met in July 1873 and granted charter No. 290 to Leamington Lodge. The first Master, W. Bro. E.R. Shepley served as Master for four of the first five years. In 1875, he was by right, the first Leamington I.P.M. returning to the Masters chair in 1876 and 77. The first two candidates initiated on March 11, 1873 were Walter S. Pulford and Joseph C. Gee. The growth of the Lodge kept pace with the growth of Leamington, which became a village in 1874, a year after Lodge was granted its charter. Leamington gained town status in 1890. A sample of events that may be of interest has been duly recorded.

July 26, 1876 the members of the Lodge laid the cornerstone of the M.E. Church on the 5th Concession.

In 1875 a motion to raise initiation fees to $30 from $20 was raised and failed. In 1920 twelve candidates were first entertained at Joseph’s Restaurant for dinner and all twelve were initiated. The Lodge was fined $1.00 for each member initiated on that night for this indiscretion. April 26, 1926 a committee reported at a special meeting to discuss new Lodge accommodations. On two previous occasions it is reported that Leamington Lodge was driven out by fire; in 1883 when nearly the whole then village, nearly burnt down and again in 1910.

The year is 1929, Leamington and Xenophon Lodge held their first joint installation, a practice that continued for several years. June 17, 1948 saw the 75th celebration dinner held at the Leamington Golf Club with DDGM Rt. Wor. Bro. Russ Lonnee acting as Chairman. The Deputy Grand Master J.P. Maher gave the address on that historic occasion. In 1950 the Lodge was given notice, their landlord needed the space. After our joint installation on Dec 27, 1950 in Wheatley, we in January 1951, started to meet there until our new Temple was ready for occupancy late in 1952.

A highlight of Leamington Lodge was the dedication of the Temple on 3 John Street Leamington on April 10, 1953, by M.W. Bro. Nelson C Hart, Grand Master acting as the Master of Ceremonies. In November 1967, the Blue carpet was installed peripherally. After a concerted drive for funds we were able to purchase and lay a new Masonic Carpet for the main floor of the Lodge. At an open house held on June 16, 1968 the brethren had their first view of the new carpet. Air conditioning was proposed in 1972 and decided on as a centennial project. May 1973 it was up and running. The Lodge’s Centennial Celebration banquet was held October 17th 1973.

In 2008, Leamington 290 recognized that 25 of its brethren were eligible to wear a Lewis Jewel, showing the brethrens’ strong family ties and history in the Lodge. In a Presentation Ceremony was held, with M.W. Brother Alan J Petrisor – Grand Master as the Master of Ceremonies. Twenty-four of the twenty-five brethren were able to be in attendance to be honoured with the presentation made to them. The Grand Master contacted the twenty-fifth recipient and arranged to present him his Lewis Jewel, at the Grand Masters Banquet being held at the Rhine Danube Club located in Leamington.

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